DayTrip - Kaski Kot


  • Trip Duration 1 Days
  • Start-End Point pokhara to pokhara
  • Highest Altitude 1200 m
  • Difficulty easy
  • Best Season 12 month


Kaskikot is 6 km a way from sarangkot. A flat road and lush jungle between the villages. It is a beautiful village in the lap of Annapurna in Nepal.

Before the unification of Nepal there were 24 small principalities in west Nepal. Kaski was one of them. The ruins of old palace of of the rulers of Kaski can still be seen in Kaskikot.

Kaskikot has a very old temple of goddess kali. This temple is situated at the top of kaski kot. It is a truly beautiful viewpoint. From here you can overlook the vally and further locations. Kaski kot as well as it's gorgeous surroundings will proof that it is definately worth a visit!

The DayTrip Kaski Kot starts in Pokhara. From there we will steadily climb towards the higher Kaski Kot following a beautiful trail that leads along the Pokhara Valley overlooking the Valley, the Lake and Pokhara itself.

The trip ends in either Naudanda  depending on how long you would like to hike.

Experience: This day trip is suitable for all levels hikers. 
Departure: Usually we start at 8.00 in the morning but this tour can be customized depending on your wishes.
Meeting place: Meeting place: We will meet at your hotel / resort. A private chauffeur will bring us to the starting point for our hike.

Total Time: We will need minimum 5 hours for this trip. Depending on our hiking pace, the amount of stops as well as taking pictures, the trip could take up to 6 hours.

What do you need? We advise to wear shoes for this hike to prevent any injuries. We also advise to bring water, a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and depending on the season a rain coat and insect repellent might come in handy as well.



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